Heritage Resources

All the great heritage resources we know of, all linked in one spot!

Conferences and workshops

Recently completed conferences and workshops, but look for it next year:

Online professional development opportunities


Adventures in Heritage Teaching

My Generation of Polyglots

Surprisingly Spanish

Profe Nygaard

The World of Senordineroman

Growing With Heritage Learners

Growing Global Citizens

Stores on Teachers Pay Teachers that sell heritage materials

Teach Like You Love It

Profe Nygaard

Growing Global Citizens

Spanish and Latin American Studies Store

Other heritage materials

COERLL Community Spanish website

Online Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

Teachers of Spanish Heritage Speakers Facebook group

Teachers of Spanish as Heritage Language in US Facebook group

Relevant Twitter hashtags: #heritagelang and #langchat

Professional organizations

ACTFL Special Interest Group: Spanish for Heritage Learners

Books we recommend

Practical Advice for Teachers of Heritage Learners of Spanish

If you would like to add something to this list, please email us at adventuresinheritageteaching@gmail.com 🙂

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