Heritage Teacher Summit – Fall 2020


We are excited to announce that we are hosting the HERITAGE TEACHER SUMMIT this fall!!!

The goal is to provide some very needed VIRTUAL PD for heritage teachers at an extremely affordable price, and to hear from LOTS of amazing heritage teachers across the country doing some amazing stuff!!

Tickets will be sold from August 1st – September 30th, 2020, but you will have lifetime access to all sessions. As soon as you buy your ticket, you will have access to the sessions.

Tickets are $37, with a 5% processing fee, with the total coming to $38.85; all advertising will advertise tickets at the price of $39.

We are excited to announce our presenters and sessions!


Sessions include:

Transitioning to a Workshop Model – Jen López. Jen López is a licensed K-12 Spanish teacher and has been teaching high school Heritage Spanish courses for nine years. Over the years, she has worked to move her program from one focused on memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary to one that focuses on literacy skills that transfer to different courses and different areas of students’ personal and professional lives. During the summer of 2019, she attended professional development with her school’s English department, and together they decided to implement a workshop model in their classes for the 2019-2020 school year. Her Heritage 1 classes include daily independent choice reading and choice writing activities.

Decolonizing the Curriculum: Learning from Our Heritage Language Students – Marta Silva. Marta Silva-Serrano is a linguist and educator who has worked as a Spanish teacher for over 20 years, being heritage education her main focus She has created and developed 2 heritage programs and is currently an PhD student on Curriculum and Instruction and Latinx Studies. Silva is also an active member of the Latino Writer Collective and the Latinx Educational Collaborative in KC.

Converting your curriculum to online learning – Kristin Montgomery. Kristin’s ever-present wanderlust has taken her to live in France, Spain, Switzerland, and Singapore, and fueled her passion for learning languages. Over the years she’s taught French, Social Studies, ESL and all levels of Spanish. Currently she teaches Spanish Language Arts as part of the Dual Language Immersion program in her hometown in Wisconsin. When not teaching or traveling you can find her woodworking, doing yoga, rollerblading or planning her next trip.

Middle School Matters…but how do I reach them all? – Alana Kubezcka. Alana is entering year 22 as a language teacher. She has taught at all levels of Spanish and in bilingual elementary classrooms. Now, she is using her years teaching bilingual language arts to help reach native and heritage learners in a middle school where she started the program. Alana is excited to have begun presenting and sharing what she has learned with other teachers!

La magia de la lectura libre – Nina Hidalgo. Nina Hidalgo is a Spanish teacher at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee, GA with over 15 years of experience. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Michigan University, a teaching degree from Saginaw Valley State, and a Master’s in Spanish Linguistics from New Mexico State University. Nina is passionate about increasing proficiency through reading and using real world scenarios to make learning relevant. When she is not teaching or planning lessons, Nina enjoys cooking, camping, traveling and spending time with her husband and three children.

Arts-Integration: Engagement, Differentiation, & Relevance – Michaela McCaughey. Michaela is a high school Spanish teacher at a public charter school for the arts in Providence, Rhode Island. Her students are artists of all genres who push and inspire her. Her curriculum focuses on social justice, culturally responsive teaching, arts-integration, and (bi)literacy. She is an avid runner, a lover of reggaeton, and spends her summers on the beach reading and enhancing her curriculum.

Los cortos en la clase de español – Yamil Báez. Ms. Yamil Báez was born in NYC to Dominican immigrants. She spoke only in Spanish with her mother while speaking English with her Puerto Rican stepfather. Yamil was a Heritage Language learner in college in a non-heritage language program from which she graduated with a BA in Spanish/Italian and an MA in Spanish. She completed the teacher certification program at Providence College. Yamil taught for 15 years in an independent school in PVD with a few heritage language learners but taught dedicated Heritage courses levels 1-3, and Spanish AP L & C course with HLL and non HLL combined at a public high school in MA for 5 years. Yamil also teaches at a community heritage language program for children 3-12.

“Tu Voz Cuenta” Student voice and choice in the HLL classroom – Christopher Jahdai Jeffords. Jahdai is a Spanish language teacher at the High School level and teaches levels 2-4 and Heritage level 2. His classroom involves student engagement through a lens of social justice, honouring the voices and the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds his students bring into the classroom.

Formando SOÑADORES sin fronteras – Bertha Delgadillo. Bertha has been teaching middle and high school Spanish since 2013. She holds a BA in Spanish Education and an M.Ed in Adult Education and Community Leadership from Georgia Southern University. She has a passion for inspiring DACA student dreamers to envision to the fullest and reach their goals against all odds as she once did.

AP Spanish and Culture Approaches for Heritage Learners – Diego Ojeda. Diego Ojeda is a passionate Spanish teacher, as well as a seasoned and recognized national world language presenter. Diego has been awarded for his outstanding and non traditional teaching style that he brings to the class. Diego is co-founder of the internationally, well-known world language professional learning network LangChat and the popular personal learning network CharlaEle1 for Spanish teachers.

Distance Learning Tools for Heritage Class – Courtney Nygaard. Courtney Nygaard teaches high school Spanish in Minnesota, where she resides with her husband and son. She especially loves teaching heritage speakers and is passionate about curriculum design. Courtney’s primary focus is on engaging students in learning through content-based instruction. She believes in empowering her students to become their best selves and that the best learning takes place when students are hooked on a topic that directly relates to their life experiences.

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